2016 Saran Navaratri Kumkuma Archana Registration form

Please fill the below given form and confirm your registration so that temple authorities can make necessary arrangements for your participation in the event.

This is to confirm my registration for participating in the upcoming Saran Navarathri Samoohika Kumkuma Archana that will be Daily from October 1st to 9th and finally concludes on Dasara – 10th October 2016.

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Each and every participant will be given a Sri Kanaka Durga idol of their own with adequate Kumkuma for Archana, and also will be supplied with all the other needed Pooja items. You get to keep this souvenir after the Pooja conclusion on the 10th day as the Blessings of the Divine Mother and as a gift from Sri SivaKameswari Temple (SKT).

Below given are some important rules to adhere to for all the ladies participating in Saran Navarathri Deeksha. Please read them and contact us if you have any questions.

Important notes for Deeksha Dharana participants:

1. Please ensure you have received Deeksha from Sri Sivakameswari Temple prior to October 1st as much as possible. In case you wish to participate and cannot come on September 30th for some reason, please notify Temple authorities so that they can make necessary arrangements for you from Oct 1st before the Samoohika Pooja begins.
2. Please try to take a shower before you come to the temple for the Pooja every day for doing Kumkuma Archana.
3. Always try to retain the Deeksha Dharana Dhaaga (Sacred thread) as much as possible until October 10th 2016.
4. Please do not consume non-vegetarian food, alcohol or tobacco during Navarathri time especially when you are Deeksha.
5. Please avoid using leather waist belts, wallets, handbags especially while coming for Pooja to the Temple.
6. Please try to be calm, speak less as much as possible at this time when in ‘deeksha’.
7. Meditational powers enhance greatly and intensity of prayer multiply many times in this time. Therefore meditate as much as possible.

Please contact us if you have any further questions in relation to this events or rules.