Lord Surya Deva, the Sun God, is considered as an important God because He is the source of life.  That is why He is placed in the center of Navagrahas.  Many of us worship Surya as He is the provider of health and wealth.
Vedas provided us with Sthothras like Aditya Hridayam, Surya Ashtakam, Surya Shathakam, Aruna Parayanam, etc., and reciting or listening them will bring lot of benefits to people in terms of health, wealth and success.
Magha Masa is very special for Lord Suraya (Surya Jayanthi is celebrated on Saptami, the seventh day, also called Ratha Saptami), and it is very auspicious to offer our prayers to Lord Surya in this month of Magha, in particular it is highly recommended on Sundays.  It will help to correct any health disorders/disturbances in one’s life and create positive impact on both body and mind.
Our Temple priests will perform Aruna Homam onRatha Saptami Day 11th Feb 2019 Monday at 10:30 AM .
To have your name included in the sankalpam in Aruna Homam please register using the link, Aruna homam