Bhadrachala Sri SitaRama Kalyanam 2018

Bhadrachala Sri SitaRama Kalyanam in Costamesa , CA USA.
At SivaKameswari temple

When: On Sunday, March, 25th 2018
Timings: (4:00 PM to 06:30 PM.)
Please note: Registration begins from 3:00 PM onwards.

Event Description:
Bhadrachala Sri SitaRama Kalyanam will be conducted in Sivakameswari temple in the same way as it is conducted in Bhadrachalam by Pundit Sri Chandrasekhara Sharma Samavedula and his team of Vedic priests. As part of continued efforts from the temple to provide religious and cultural enrichment to the community, this Holy matrimony will be celebrated with deities of Lord Sri Rama Chandra, Sita mata, Laxmana, and Sri Hanumanji.

Significance of the Divine Matrimony of Sri Sita Rama:

Lord Sri Rama and Seetha Mata represent the ideal husband and wife, who are revered and worshipped by all. They achieved divinity by adhering to Truth and Dharma at all times.

Event Schedule

3:00 PM Onwards

Spot registrations open. Early registration link

4:00 PM

Ganapathi & Viswakshena Pooja followed by Punyavachanam, Kalashaardhana followed by Sri SitaRama Kalyanotsawam includes marriage rituals, recitation of Pravara, Kanya Danam, Mangala Sutra Dharana, Panigrahanam, wedding garlands exchange. Event concludes with Maha Samrajya Pattabhishekam for Lord Sri Rama.

6:30 PM

Dinner Maha Prasad will be served.

Sponsorship information:

Special Sponsor Daata/pratigrahita


Kanya data (Sita mata side) or Pratigrahita (Lord Rama side).

(You will be able to participate in most of the Kalyanam rituals done to Lord Rama and Sita mata’s deities directly with the help of a priest.)

Sponsor KalyanaUtsavam



Your gotras, nakshatras and names will be chanted by the priest in Sankalpa and at the end

All sponsors will get an opportunity to offer Talambralu (sacred rice) on the lotus feet of Lord Rama and Sita mata

Note to sponsors:

All the sponsors will be provided with the sacred Raksha Kankana dhaga to tie on their wrists during the ceremony. The sponsors will be given a special prasad brought from Sri Bhadrachala Devastanam. If you are a sponsor who will not be able attend this event for any reason, the Prasad will be mailed to their respective mailing addresses.

Note to all participants:

All the participants are requested to attend on time in traditional Indian attire (if possible). If unable to attend for any reason, please send us your name, family members names’ (optional), E-mail address, complete mailing address along with the zip code, Gotram, & Nakshaktra (optional) to be added to the main Maha Sankalpa of the events. Or you can submit your registration by visiting the temple’s website. In this way you can still participate remotely.

This divine matrimony of Sri Rama and Sita will bless you and your family
with abundant harmony and prosperity in life.

If you have any questions or wish to participate in this event as a sponsor, then please fill out the form below and send the completed form to any one of the contacts shown below –

Pundit Sharma Samavedula :; Phone – 512 633 7999
Temple:; Phone – 714 486 2614