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Vara Maha Lakshmi Vratam

Sri Vara Maha Lakshmi Pooja will be done by our Temple Priests to the main Deity at the Temple simultaneously along with you, while you are doing your Pooja at your home virtually. (You will be sent Pooja participation link to join the session.) Registration fees:...

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanotsavam

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanotsavam - Holy Matrimony And Bhogi pallu for children’s well being Monday, January 13th, 2020 @ 7:00 PMDear Devotees, Sri Siva Kameswari temple cordially invites you all to attend Sri Goda Ranganatha Swamy Kalyanotsavam on the last day of...


PROGRAM DETAILS 06:00 am “Om Namaha Sivaya” akhanda jap (Mantra Recitation) (Free) (very Nice and powerful Sadhana to do On this day to increese your punya Bala ) Morning: Mon, Mar 4th 2019 6AM to Tue Mar 5th 2019 6AM (Till next day) Important note: This is a Free...

Goda Ranganadha Kalyanam

Dhanur masa. keeping with tradition, GODHA KALYANAM will be performed at the temple at 10:30 am. Please refer GODA RANGANATHA KALYANAM for complete details.Sunday, Jan 13th is Bhogi. Children aged 3 months to 12 years of age are invited to participate in...

Given the surge in COVID19 cases, the temple will follow shelter in place till Sept 30th,2020 Temple priests will continue to perform Nitya Pujas, and all pujas will be broadcast LIVE. Temple won’t be open for devotees to physically come into the temple. However, all ONLINE pujas and ONLINE priest services continue to be available.

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