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Namaste all Siva Kameshwari Temple Supporters!  Hope all of you and your families are practicing safe distance and taking good care!  May Sri Kameshwari Devi usher her blessings to each of you! Our Siva Kameshwari Temple is continuing with daily full-fledged...

Vasantha Navaratri Celebrations

Vasanta Navaratri Sivakameswari temple invites you and your family for Vasanta Navaratri (SpringNavaratri) to participate in many pujas, Abhishekams, daily Durga path (Chandi Parayana) and Dura Saptashati Havan/Chandi homa, On 12th Apr 2019.  (Durga Ashtami)  From Apr...

Ugaadi Celebrations at Temple

Ugaadi Celebrations at Temple On Tue, March 24thSivakameswari temple is cordially inviting you and your family members to celebrate Ugaadi (Vedic New year) and start your new “Saarvari” year with a very positive vibrations and be blessed by The Devine.Puja & Cultural...

Ugaadi Celebrations

Ugaadi Celebrations on Friday April 5th, 2019 Sivakameswari temple is cordially inviting you and your family members to celebrate Ugaadi (Vedic New year) and Vasantha Navaratri Durga puja celebrations. First time Alankaram of 9 forms of Durga and puja. In the temple,...

Vasantha Panchami

Vasantha PanchamiVasanth Panchami is celebrated on the fifth day after the New Moon, in the month of Magha (January - February). It marks the advent of spring in Northern parts of India and is celebrated as the season of growth and prosperity. It...

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanotsavam

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanotsavam

Sri Goda Ranganatha Kalyanotsavam - Holy Matrimony And Bhogi pallu for children’s well being Monday, January 13th, 2020 @ 7:00 PMDear Devotees, Sri Siva Kameswari temple cordially invites you all to attend Sri Goda Ranganatha Swamy Kalyanotsavam on the last day of...

Garland Seva

Garland Seva Temple is requesting participation from devotees in Garland seva. In this seva, we offer garlands to deities every week, and special occasions as well. Please donate generously so that we may make our deities look as majestic as we know they can be. The...

Vastra Seva

Vastra SevaIn this category, you can offer vastrams (clothes) to the Gods and Goddesses on Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sankataharachaturthi. On any one of these days, the sponsor of this Vastra Seva will have an abhishekam and puja done in...

First check of the month fund

DONATE FIRST EXPENSE CHECK OF THE MONTH Let Sivakameshwari Temple be the first item on your list of expenses every paycheck. Donate first few dollars of every paycheck to support the Temple activities.  All Temple activities, including development of facilities, are...

Land Donor

Land Donor

Land Donor fundThe temple is searching for the right land in the right location according to the vastu principles.The donor will be called “sthaladata” (land donor). In the vedic scriptures, giving land for the temple is a very auspicious deed in one’s life. These...

Annadan seva

Annadan seva

Annadana Seva Temple is requesting all of the community to come forward and offer donations towards Annadanam at the temple every weekend and during special festivals and events. Temple is offering this Annadana seva as Mahaprasad (preetibhoj) to provide food for all...



Sustenance fund Temple is requesting for a donation on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis for sustenance of the temple. This fund will be used to run the temple's day to day operations such as rent, utilities, priest salaries, garlands, other puja materials...

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami

Sri Krishna Janmashtami(Celebrations of Lord Sri Krishna’s Birth)Handi phod by kids 7:00pm to 12:30amvenkateswara abhishekam, Alankarana, 7:00pm to 8:00pmvishnu sahasranama chanting, & Aarati 9:00pm to 12:30am



PROGRAM DETAILS 06:00 am “Om Namaha Sivaya” akhanda jap (Mantra Recitation) (Free) (very Nice and powerful Sadhana to do On this day to increese your punya Bala ) Morning: Mon, Mar 4th 2019 6AM to Tue Mar 5th 2019 6AM (Till next day) Important note: This is a Free...



Magha masa special ARUNA HOMAM ON RATHA SAPTAMI 11TH FEB 2019, MONDAY 10: 30 AM Lord Surya Deva, the Sun God, is considered as an important God because He is the source of life.  That is why He is placed in the center of Navagrahas.  Many of us worship Surya as He is...

Vasanta panchami

Vasanta panchami

Vasanta Panchami FEB 9th, 2019 Vasanta panchami.Samoohika saraswati puja for students At the temple, Saamuhika Saraswati Puja and Saamuhika Aksharaabyasam will be performed on Saturday, Feb. 9th. Please register for AKSHARABYASAM or SARASWATI, which will be performed...

1st FEB – 8th Feb2019

Date Start Time End time 1st FEB - 8th Feb 2019 Location charge Friday, Feb 1st, 2019 6:45 PM 8:00 PM Pradosha Siva Abhishekam & Sri Kameswari Abhishekam Temple Saturday Feb 2nd, 2019 9:30 AM 10:30 AM Sani trayodasi Taila abhisheka to Lord Siva Temple Saturday Feb...

Lord Ayyappa Puja & Abhishekam and Padi puja

Monday , January 14th, temple will be open all day. Event schedule 6:30 PM Lord Ayyappa Puja & Abhishekam and Padi puja and Makarajyoti Darshanam,Followed by Bhajans From 7:15 PM 8:30 PM Aarati followed by Dinner Prasad.



Sankranti (Pongal) Mon, Jan 14, Ayyappa Abhishekam and Padi Puja will be performed starting at 6:30 pm falowed by Bhajans by Smt.Padma Kutty's Students at 7:15 PM, followed by Dinner Prasad. Devotees are welcome to get milk, fruits and flowers for the puja. Your...

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Dear Devotee,

The health and wellbeing of our visitors, priests and the overall community is our top priority. Due to the growing concern around coronavirus (COVID-19), and in alignment with the best practices laid out by the CDC, WHO and other relevant entities, we have made the decision to withhold large celebration events for Ugadi and Sri Rama Navami until further notice.

Temple remains open for regular events such as daily poojas and harati services, and requests your adherence to the following:

i) Please wash your hands in the washroom before you come inside the temple
ii) Please refrain from visiting the temple if you believe you may be sick

iii) No prasad and theertham will be offered until the situation gets better

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support of our Temple.

Sri SivaKameswari Temple Management.