Question: Why build another Temple when we have other Temples?

Answer: Exclusiveness of this Siva Kameswari Temple lies in being the only unique one with Lord in form of Lord Siva and Sri Kameswari devi being the only main Deities. Main Deities will be Lord Shiva, Sri Kameswari along with their symbolic representation of Universe – “Meru”.

There will be no constant and continuous requests for donations at any time any when a devotee comes to the Temple.

Question: How is this Temple different from others?  What are the unique special features of this Temple?

Answer: This Temple is very different from others in many aspects. As already said VSC runs strictly as per the Vedic principles. One where Vedic rules will not be compromised for any reason what so ever.

Another most important and unique feature of VSC Temple is that devotees can watch all temple scheduled programs through Live streaming with any device from anywhere or any location in the world. This way one can always be connected virtually just in case they are unable to physically attend their sponsored events. They can get to still watch it through live streaming from anywhere. For this reason we call VSC as a “Global Temple” – can be accessed globally for all your Spiritual needs.