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All Temple activities, including development of facilities, are fully funded from donations and contributions from devotees and the community.

SivaKameshwari Temple (SKT) needs your kind and generous support in the form of financial contributions as well as volunteer work to make the various programs, including the temple development project, a reality.

SKT is a nonprofit organization (83-1669026) and as such all donations for the temple activities are fully tax deductible, to the extent allowed by the law.

Sponsorships (Donations) are needed for the following SKT Funds

  • General Fund (Covers Operational Expenses)

    SKT is extremely grateful for the donation from all the sponsors and contributors, which has allowed it to provide the required religious, cultural, and educational services. 

    All Scriptures in Hinduism lay a great emphasis on the act of giving away part of your income. 

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SKT is a non-profit organization. Tax I.D. 83-1669026
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Donating Appreciated Securities to Support SKT
While donating cash is the simplest and fastest method for many, the Vedic Spiritual Center (Sri Siva Kameswari Temple – SKT) allows you to make a new Donations with appreciated securities. Gifts of stock can provide you with potential tax advantages while supporting the Activities of SKT. If you have appreciated securities that have been held for at least one year, you can bypass the capital gains tax by donating them to SKT, while still getting the full tax benefit of the value of the stock you transfer.
Samir wants to donate $50,000 to SKT. After comparing the cash versus stock option, he learns that he will have tax savings of $6,000 with a gift of stock.
Donate Cash
Cost = $50,000
Donate Appreciated Stock
Original cost of stock = $10,000
Current value of stock = $50,000
Capital gains tax saving = 15% capital gains rate * $40,000 gain = $6,000 tax savings
Cost after-tax-savings = $44,000 (Note: For capital gains tax savings, stock must be held by donor for at least year prior to donation)
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The process is simple! Provide your stockbroker with the stock name and number of shares you would like to contribute, along with SKT’s account information below:
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The information on this form is not intended to represent legal or tax advice or to substitute for such advice. Individuals should consult with their financial advisor and/or accountant on all legal and tax matters.

SKT retains the right to sell the securities after they have been transferred into our account.
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The Upanishads, a text containing the philosophical concepts of Hinduism, talks about dāna (giving to an individual, in distress or in need, as an act of virtue). The Upanishads states that the three characteristics of a good person are damah (self-restraint), daya (compassion or love for all life) and dāna (charity). 

Dāna can also take the form of philanthropic public projects that empower and help many. Historical records indicate that dāna is an ancient practice in Indian traditions, tracing back to Vedic traditions.

The Rig Veda, one of the four sacred texts in Hinduism, contains the earliest discussion of dāna in the Vedas. The Rig Veda relates it to satya (truth) and to the guilt one feels from not giving to those in need.

दानेन भुतानि वशीभवन्ति दानेन वैराण्यपि यान्ति नाशम्।

परोऽपि बन्धुत्वमुपैति दानैर्दान हि सर्वव्यसनानि हन्ति॥

dānena bhūtāni vaśībhavanti dānena vairāṇyapi yānti nāśam
paro’pi bandhutvamupaiti dānairdāna hi sarvavyasanāni hanti

दान से सभी प्राणी वश होते हैदान से बैर (शत्रुताओंका नाश होता है।
दान से शत्रु भी भाई बन जाता हैदान से सभी व्यसनों का नाश होता है॥

Charity can subdue any creature, charity can eliminate enemies and make them allies.Charity indeed is the cure for all bad things.

Source: Subhashit Samgraha Dana-Prashamsa 25



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