Gajanan Maharaj Pragat Din on 5th March 2021(Friday).

Pragat din Utsav (celebrations) on 6th March 2021(Saturday)

Namaste all. Sri Siva Kameswari Temple is inviting you all for This year Gajanan Maharaj Pragat Din celebrations on 5th March 2021(Friday). Temple will be celebrating Pragat din Utsav on 6th March 2021(Saturday) as it will be convenient for devotees to join.

The program will be as follows

On March 5th (Friday) – Pragat Din of Gajanan Maharaj

10:30 AM –   Abhishek and all puja of Shri Gajanan Maharaj   

On March 6th (Saturday) – Celebration day of Pragat Din

Our day will start at 10:30AM with Gajanan Maharaj Awahan, Shringar, Archana and Aarti

From 11:00 AM   Every hour Maharaj ji’s Archana/ Paduka Puja

Online or in person. Broadcast LIVE 

In person limited Devotees every hour based on RSVP  |   Our day will end at 6:30PM with Gajanan Maharaj Aarti

Every devotee will be given Maharaj prasad in to-go boxes (no eating of food on the premises)

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