Please note: Priest Dhakshina is not included in the below given temple charges. Priest Dakshina is up to you, it is your own personal generous offering made to the Priest based on your Shraddha, Bhakti & Shakti.
Another important note: Please be informed that for all LA metro area for the services offered at your requested home / office / business. Please add 54 cents per mileage calculating the distance from the Temple to your requested destination.

Name of the service In the temple LA metro area
Ganapati Homam $125 $201.00
Ayush Homam $125 $201.00
Navagraha Homam $125 $201.00
Nakshatra Homam $125 $201.00
Seemantham with Homam $201 $251.00
Namakaranam with Homam $125 $201.00
Vaastu Shanti Homa Option not available at this time. $201.00
Lakshmi Homam $125 $201.00
Rudra Homam $125 $201.00
Chandi Homam $251 $501.00
Sudarshana Homam $125 $201.00
Other Homams Contact temple Contact temple