Kumbhabhisheka Kalasha Puja

Unless one has enormous amount of good karma from many births, one will not be able to participate in such a great event. Being part of such Kalasha Pooja during Vigraha Prathishta is a blessing for one and all. Participating in Temple Kumbabhishekam is a great blessing not only for the participant but also for their families and friends, and future generations. Kalasha Pooja participants will make three parikramas (circumambulation around the Temple), with the energized Kalashas on the head. After the completion of the Parikramas, participants will have an opportunity to offer the ingredients of the Kalasha to the Lord, through the hands of the Pundits.
We humbly request everyone to participate in this event and get blessed and be the instrument and channel of this Spiritual Energy for families, friends, communities, and the whole world at large.
This Purna Kalasha Pooja is scheduled for Sunday, May 26th, 2019. For more information or sponsorship please contact Pundit C S Samavedula at 
 512 633 7999 or email to cs@vydic.org

Family Members Names & Nakshatram (if you Know) and Gotram

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