Subrahmanya Abhishekam
Friday, Jan 11th 2019
6:45 PM -7:45 PM
Masa Skanda Sashti.
Sponsorship for the abhishekam is $51
Temple remains closed from Noon to 5:30PM during week days (from Monday to Friday)
1st Saturday of every month Mata ki Chowki – 7 PM-9 PM (Shej Aarati temple aarathi 9 onwards
1st Sunday of every month – Baba Abhishekam (10 AM) followed by Satya Vratam . Madhyana Aarati 12 noon, and Mata ki Chowki
Kalyanam of the Deities performed every month in addition to Masa sankalpam
Important Points:
•Regular weekend schedules are subject to change for any special festivals or events
•Temple closure & schedule changes on all Lunar & Solar Eclipse days depending on time and situation in strict accordance as per Vedic principles
•Live streaming of all religious events can be viewed from temple website( during Pacific Standard Time, USA
•Temple authorities reserve the right to make any changes /alterations/cancellations in the given schedule, when needed.