Thank You for Supporting the Sri Siva Kameswari Temple (Vedic Spiritual Center)
The Sri Sri Siva Kameswari Temple relies on the kind donations of devotees such as yourself. When you support Divine Mother’s temple, not only do you bring blessings to yourself and your family, but you also help other devotees to receive Amba’s most loving blessings.

Temple Nitya Seva Nidhi ( Temple Sustenance Fund)
We are currently raising funds for “Temple Nitya Seva Nidhi,” towards the Temple’s general expenses, towards annadanam, Garlands or towards education expenses.If you would like to support the Temple on an ongoing basis, we invite you to set up a recurring donation, in any amount of your choice. As your credit card will be charged automatically according to the schedule you choose, this is a very convenient way to support the Temple. Thank you for your kind support, and may Devi shower you with her most loving blessings!

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