Namaste! As you know the Sacred and auspicious month of Kartheeka Masa has started yesterday, which is from Sunday, November 15th. Now that we are into this sacred and benovalent time, Sri Sivakameswari Temple is offering Rudrabhishelam Poojas services every day at the temple. We invite all the desired devotees to participate in this special program. If you wish us to conduct this Rudrabhishekam special program at your home, please send an Email to Please be informed that Ekavara Rudrabhishekam takes up to 2 hours of time and Ekadashavara Rudrabhishekam takes about 4 hours for the event. Panchamruta Abhishekams for the whole month  @ 9:00 AM Watch Online.

“Kalaudevo Maheswaraha!” Means that Lord Shiva is the designated deity for the current times known as Kaliyuga. In this Yuga (Times) Lord Shiva is the one who can save all the people from all kinds of troubles, negativities, and sins. Lord Shiva remove all worries, help solve problems, neutralizes negativity. Lord Shiva is easy to please and bestows His Blessings and saves all.In these days, all the people are facing many troubles in health, education, profession, progeny, family matters, businesses, and many more to mention due to the negative effects of ‘Kali’. That is why to succeed in all the life matters including physical, psychological, social, one must pray and trust in Lord Shiva. Unaware of this fact, many are still facing numerous troubles and still under the negative influences going through adversities. Please sponsor to recite your Name and family Names in the puja Sankalpa by our Priest.
If you have any futher questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you. Thank you for your kind understanding and support.+1(512)6337999

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