Date : Feb 18 2021 , From 8:00 AM

सर्व दुःख उपशांताय, सर्व पाप हरायच ।

सर्व व्याधि विनाशाय, भास्कराय नमोनमः ॥

 Sarva dukha upasanthaya, sarva papa haraya cha,

Sarva vyadhi vinaashaaya, Bhaskaraya namo Namaha.


Salutations to the maker of light, who pacifies all types of sorrow,

Who destroys all types of sins and all types of diseases.

 Ratha Saptami is also called Surya Jayanthi. Surya (Sun god) is considered the giver of Arogya (Health) & Aishwarya (Wealth). It is considered that whoever performs pooja to the Sun God with reverence on this day is rid of past sins and any health ailments. We at Sri Sivakameswari Temple are performing special Puja on this auspicious day. You may participate in the Puja by sponsoring here

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