Shani Thrayodashi Special Puja

Shani Thrayodashi Special Puja – Tailabhishekam, (Offering Sesame oil) to Lord Shani
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Sri Sivakameswari Temple will be performing Tila Tailabhishekamto Lord Shani to appease Lord Shanieshwar. This will be followed by Navagraha abhishekam, Archana, and Navagraha Shanti Havan as well on this auspicious day of Shani Pradosham.

Sponsors for this will be blessed with Removal of any negative forces caused due to Shani Graha Dosha & ill Health. This will bring about positive energy and is very much recommended for people who are in the ‘Sade Sathe’ (Seven & 1/2 years of Shani period) or in the Graha Transits related with Shani. This is a single-day event. You may watch this puja LIVE online. Those interested may sign up by sponsoring this event via the link below.

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