Sri Sivakameswari Temple’s Yearly

108 Suvasini puja and Deeksha Dharana

(Sumangali will be worshipped in the form of Divine Mother and given initiation mantra for the 9 days puja)

Siva Kameswari temple is inviting all 108 Sumangali (Suvasini) to register for the ‘Samoohika Suvasini (Sumangali) Pooja and Deeksha Dharana to perform Kumkum archana during Navaratri (all 9 days). It is an Absolutely A FREE event completely sponsored by the temple or an Individual Sponsor. Registrations are on a first come first basis due to limited availability. Please sign up by Clicking here. once Temple get the registrations, Temple will send you the timing for your slot of Suvasini puja to keep Social Distancing and follow the CDC guidelines.

Apart from worshipping Sri Lalita, Sri Siva Kame as Kumari, we do have a practice of worshipping her as a consort of supreme God. For Vaishnava’s she is Vishnupatni and for Shaiva’s she is Parvathi. So, during Navaratri Suvasini puja acquires greater importance.

In Lalitha Sahasranama we praise Goddess as Sumangali, Suvasini, Suvasinyarchanapreetha and other names which suggest that Devi should be worshipped by married women and married women should be worshipped assuming that Devi will be pleased by worshiping married women.

According to Our Temple tradition from the Temple inception we worship every year one hundred and eight married women During these Navaratri time. Our Vedic tradition which may represent Ashtottara Nama of Devi.

During Navaratri, this puja will be conducted on First Day of Navaratri and given Deeksha to that Suvasini to conduct Kumkumarchana daily in the temple or in their homes. For Navaratri event program details, refer to flyer below or website

Contact: Sharma Samavedula@ (512) 633 7999 for any related questions.

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