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Sri Vara Maha Lakshmi Pooja will be done by our Temple Priests to the main Deity at the Temple simultaneously along with you, while you are doing your Pooja at your home virtually. (You will be sent Pooja participation link to join the session.)
Registration fees: $54.00/-

Siva Kameswari Temple invites you all to celebrate this special day in a very special way. Due to the current Covid-19 (Corona Virus) conditions, everyone can celebrate by participating in our Samoohika Sravana Vara Maha Laskmi Vratam virtually from the comfort of your home, staying safe and healthy at the same time and still be part of this grand event. Upon receiving your confirmation after registering for this event, Pooja Participants be given meeting links for you to able to join the session of your choice.

This event is being conducted in two sessions to accommodate as many participants as possible. Participants will be guided at every step by ourTemple   Priests.

Contact Information: Pundit Sharma Samavedula,

Phone: 512 633 7999/949 899 3471/949 542 2667. .

Pooja preparation:

  1. Clean the front porch, decorate with Rangoli and tie floral, mango leaves garlands to the front archway/door of your home.
  2. Clean the house and pick an ideal spot (preferably East, North East corner) for setting up the Altar.
  3. Altar – Decorate the Altar to the best of your ability. Set up Divine mother with a Devi face mask, draped with a new saree (optional) or a picture frame, a separate Kalash, a pair of Lamps one filled with Ghee and another one oil, cotton wicks, match box, and Aarti plate with camphor or wicks decorated with flowers ready.
  4. Pooja Items needed – Have all of the following Pooja items ready: Couple of Large thalis, Haldi, Kumkuma, Akshintas, ripe bananas, and some other additional fruits of your choice, flowers and flowers garlands, Beetle leaves, nuts, currency coins and bills for dakshina, Incense sticks, 2Coconuts, 1 blouse piece soaked chana cleaned and drained in a bowl, sandalwood powder, ready.
  5. Turmeric Ganesha – Fill a small container filled with white rice covered a beetel leaf on top. Take about 2 small teaspoonfuls of turmeric powder add little water and knead it to a soft dough and with your fingers shape it a small conical shaped turmeric Ganesha and seat this Ganesha on the beetle leaf. You may also use a flower, or a small piece of banana leaf, if you do not have beetle leaf. Apply a small vermillion dot as ‘bindi’ to this Turmeric Ganesha.
  6. Thorams (sacred knotted wrist tie) – As an important part of this Pooja, a special sacred strand called is worn in the right-hand wrist of the lady performing this Vartam. This Thoram is made with 3 stands of yellow colored thread (applying turmeric paste), about 12 inches long, and with 9 knots to the Thoram. You can decorate this Thoram knots with flowers in between them. You will need to offer one Thoram to Devi, one for your-self and rest as many as there are for all other lady members in your home. So accordingly make as many as required.
  7. Prasadams – based on your convenience and ability, prepare 3, 5, 7 or 9 varieties of ‘Pindi Vantalu’ as Prasadams for offering to Devi at the end of Pooja. Kheer or Payasam is a mandatory item of these Prasadams.

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