Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva


SivaKameswari Temple Dhanur Masa Special Event

Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva Starting from
Saturday, December 16th 2017 through out in all Margashira Masa till January 14th 2018, Sunday

  • Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva Total Duration: approximately 2 to 21/2 hours

SivaKameswari Temple cordially invites all devotees to the new Dhanur Masa Special Event ‘Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva’, starting from Saturday, December 16th 2017 through out in all Margashira till January 14th 2018, Sunday.

A unique program as a special of this season: Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva, being offered by Sivakameshwari Temple, is similar to “Tiru Veedotsavam”, a Sacred Tradition where Lord Venkateshwara, along with his consorts visits all the residents in the “Mada Veedhi” in the most ancient Sri Venkateshwara Temple of Tirumala Tirupathi Maha Divya Kshetram.

This tradition of “Tiru Veedotsavam” is being brought back into our lives as ‘Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva’ and has been slightly modified to suit the present times and conditions of the local residents in California now.

Please come and participate in this event and enjoy the bliss of spending your valuable time with Lord Venkateswara along with His Consorts and enjoy the Divine Bliss and most memorable moment of your life.

This is a very rare and blessed opportunity indeed and such rare, precious time won’t come often. Please take advantage of this valuable opportunity of Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva happening in this auspicious Dhanur Masa from Saturday, December 16th 2017 through out in all Margashira Masa till January 14th 2018, Sunday

In Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva, Lord Srinivasa (Also, known as Lord Venkateswara or Lord Balaji – another form of Lord Vishnu Himself) along with His Consorts Sridevi & Bhoodevi will be visiting your home. Our Temple Pundit will bring them. You and your family will cordially and heartily invite them in to your home and show them a proper place to seat them. Please set up suitable well decorated altar. Altar can be a strong table, mini-table or coffee table that has been cleaned and covered properly and decorated nicely with the best of the things you have. Please remember that there should be enough space on the altar for the Lord, Sridevi, Bhoodevi and 2 lamps on either side. This auspicious ‘Seva’ is called ‘Aahwaanam’ (means Welcome) and is the first step.

After seating them all properly with all due respect and formalities, Priest does the Sankalpam, Thirumanjanam (that is Abhishekam) followed by Alankaaram

While this ceremony is going on, all the participants can recite Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama and Sri Lakshmi Ashtottara Parayana.

Sitting so close to the Lord and viewing the energy filled Seva complete with love and devotion is truly a moment to cherish

Yes, you may take pictures or video record this event if you wish. Bhajans, Keertanas and Slokas in praise of Lord Srinivasa are most welcome.

After Alankaaram is completed, temple priest will take you and your family sequentially through rest of the Seva comprising of Stotra Parayana, Archana, Mangala Aarthi and Prasad Nivedana

This Prasad Nivedana or Prasad distribution is followed by one last item which is very important to the devotee hosting the event. It is called Mahad Ashirvachanam (Vedic Blessing), given by the priest to all the Family Members and the participating devotees of the Lord.

Our Temple is growing and we need your support. So please come forward and join us in this magnificent and noble venture. All the funds will be used for temple improvements and operations. There are many ways you can donate to temple.

Please register as soon as possible if you wish to participate in this. Prior registration is a must and more details about this event and the required puja items list will be sent to you upon confirming your registration process for proper event planning.

  • Suggested Minimum donation for participating for this special Seva is $251.00 for the Temple.
  • Priest Dakshina amount is separate and is entirely up to your ‘Shradhha, Bhakti & Shakti’.

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List of required items for Sri Srinivasa Sanchara Seva: Important note: please use only organic ingredients for this event.

  1. Milk – 1 gallon, 2.
  2. Curd – ½ liter,
  3. Edible brown sugar – 1 small cup,
  4. Honey bottle – 1 small,
  5. Haldi & KumKum – 1 small cup each,
  6. Tulasi leaves (loose) or a garland made of Tulasi shoots – 1,
  7. New blouse pieces – 3 count (any color will do except pure black or white color),
  8. Whole brown coconuts – 3 count and an iron hammer to break these,
  9. Mixed flowers bunches – 3 count,
  10. Fruits – Any 5 types of 6 count each,
  11. Agarbatti & Camphor – 1 packet each,
  12. Flower garlands – 3 count – 1 for each deity,
  13. Rose water – 1 bottle,
  14. Medium sized cloth type new towels – 3 count ( any color other than Black),
  15. Cardamom, cloves powder, Nutmeg powder – very small quantities in spate small bowls,
  16. Edible camphor – very small pack,
  17. Saffron – very small pack about 1 pinch,
  18. Small Dhoti set for Srinivasa Perumaal & 2 small mini sarees 1 each for Sri devi & Bhoo devi,
  19. Stainless steel, brass or any other metal cups, spoons, bowls and plates of 6 count each,
  20. Paper towel roll – 1,
  21. Beetle leaves and Beetle nuts 10 count and 5 count each respectively.

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