Virtual Ugadi Celebrations and Panchanga Sravanam

On Tue , March 24th

Ugadi day program

Dear devotees,
As you all are aware of the current situation in the world, we realize that everyone is affected during these challenging times. Although the temple remains open, its services have become limited, but the priests will continue to perform all scheduled Archanas and Abhishekams. There will also be no congregational gatherings for the foreseeable future.

On the day of Ugadi, the 24th of March, archanas, abhishekams of all deities, and
Panchanga Sravanam will be broadcasted live and you can participate and watch through our temple website. If you would like to have an archana for a specific deity, we will perform the archana on Ugadi day on behalf of you and your family.

For more detailed information about the Ugadi program, please click here.

NOTE: The cultural program has been canceled but we will be doing Navaratri, NavaDurga Alankarams and Archana, Chandi Parayana and Chandi Homam. For these schedules, please click here, and if you want to participate please register.

Lastly, we request you all to stay home, be safe, follow good hygiene and practice social distancing as best you can. We pray for everyone in the community and their loved ones for their wellbeing and happiness.

Sincerely, Siva Kameswari Temple Management.