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SivaKameshwari temple is a place of worship where anyone can worship in peace and leave with a feeling of fulfillment, satisfaction, and internal happiness and Bliss. It offers an authentic ritual system where everybody can feel like home away from home. This Temple is unique in many ways.

Sri Siva Kameswari Temple / Peetham (also registered as Vedic Spritual Center or ‘VSC’) runs strictly as per the Vedic principles and Vedic rules will not be compromised for any reason what so ever.

Uniqueness of this Siva Kameswari Temple lies in the fact that it houses Lord in the form of Lord Siva and His Consort Sri Kameswari devi (Purusha and Prakriti), the only main Deities with their symbolic representation of Universe – “Meru”.

Another important and unique feature of VSC Temple is that devotees can watch all temple scheduled programs through Live streaming with any device from anywhere or any location in the world. This way one can always be connected virtually from anywhere in the world, in case they are unable to physically attend their sponsored events. For this reason we call VSC as a “Global Temple” – can be accessed globally for all your Spiritual needs.

There will be no constant and continuous requests for donations when a devotee comes to the Temple. All rituals and spiritual events will be performed in the most authentic way as was prescribed in the Vedic tradition to the complete satisfaction of the devotee.

It is a place where people can meet regularly for sharing Spiritual knowledge, for forming congregations to conduct spiritual, charitable, and religious activities without any discrimination of any kind in caste, creed, race, ethnicity etc. All are equal and all are welcome to this “Vasudaiva Kutumbam” (Universal Family). It is the policy that all will be treated with equal respect and everyone is given an equal opportunity to volunteer in temple activities. Please fill out the Volunteer form if you are interested.

This Temple is a place where one can teach children good morals and values and also teach them our culture and traditions through Vedic symposiums, Veda Classes.

This is a unique place where you can expect dedicated Volunteer Team always there to attend to your needs and Temple Supporters running this organization smoothly with a complete transparent environment.

We promise to be committed to what we say and stand by the Truth. VSC with your support and contributions will play key role in community related services. We are in the process of filing for ‘Non-Profit’ status with IRS.

Join us in the Founding Family Scheme by contributing once (Suggested amount $1,116.00) and enjoy the benefits of the services for life by becoming Life Member to the Temple. We are counting on all kindhearted people to make this a reality by becoming Life members.

Benefits of becoming a Life Member/Founding Family Member:

Temple Scheduled events such as regular Archanas, Abhishekhams, Pournami Vratams, Homams, and Samoohika Vahana Puja (once in a year – date will be announced), Samoohika Kumkumarchana weekly on Fridays;

Temple’s daily scheduled events are done in your name and Gotra and Prasadams will be sent to you once a month. All the Founding Family Member sponsors’ names will be recited in the Sankalpam in the “MASA DEEKSHA SANKALPAM” format. That means, the sponsors will be informed via e-mail about the day this Sankalpam is to be recited in advance every month. This task will be scheduled monthly. On that day, irrespective of the Sponsor’s ability to be physically present, their names and Gotra will be recited in the Masa Deeksha Sankalpa and in this way they will be automatically covered in all the Poojas and Religious events in that month.

Religious and spiritual consultancy services will be available at your convenience. If you wish, special Pujas will be performed on your special days like birthdays, marriage days, with blessings from the temple and Prasadam will be given to the person directly or sent to their respective address.

Free Panchangam will be e-mailed to all the members once in a year.

One can easily become a Founding Family Member/Life Member by donating $1,116.00 once in life time and avail the benefits all services for rest of their life in the temple. Suggested donation for Life Membership for VSC Temple (Siva Kameswari Temple) is only $1,116.00, but you are welcome to donate more based on your Shradhha, Bhakti & Shakti.

You may also sponsor other friends or family for this scheme if you wish. Our goal is to reach out to at least 1000 founding family members in the first year and serve them.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us.

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