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Sri Siva Kameswari Temple
(Vedic Spiritual Center - A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FED ID#: 83-1669026)
All donations are tax deductable & for use of temple purpose only
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Sri Siva Kameswari Temple
(Vedic Spiritual Center).
(949) 468 7999 (714) 714 0101
Today Panchamgam : Sun Rise : 5:46 Thithi : pratipat - 18:09 Varam : Sun Pakshyam : Krish Month : jyeshtha Year : shobhakri Nakshatram : jyeshtha - 14:52 Varjyam: 22:12 - 23:40 Durmuhurtam: 18:03 - 19:00 Yoga : sadhya - 20:16 Karana : balava - 7:28 Karana 2: kaulava - 18:09 Karana 3: taitila - 28:46 Amrutha Ghadiyas : 6:41 - 8:10 Rahu Kalam: 18:10 - 19:56 Gulika: 16:24 - 18:10 Yama Gandam: 12:51 - 14:38 Sun Set : 19:56

Our VIsion

“Vaagardhaviva sampruktau; vagartha pratipattaye

Jagatah pitarau vande; Parvati Parameswarau”

Since its inception in August 2016, with the help and involvement of volunteers, Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple has successfully organized and conducted many programs, starting with grand inauguration on 8-28-16; Vigraha Pratishta of many Deities, many Pujas, daily Linga Abhishekam, Homas, and Celebrations on special occasions, like Ugadi Celebrations, Ganapathy Navarathri Celebrations, Durga Navarathri Celebrations; Dasha Maha Vidya Yagyas, Lakshmi Kubera Yagyas, Shani Trayodashi Thila Abhishekam, Mata Ki chowki.

There have been Spiritual Discourses from Enlightened Masters; Bhagavad Geeta Classes; Sanskrit and Telugu Classes; Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation Classes.

There have been Cultural activities, to involve all age groups.

On 10-10-18, Temple attained a non-profit, Public Charity Status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c) (3), and the EIN or the Tax Identification Number is 83-1669026.

Our Vision and Goals for 2019 and Future is to see an escalation of programs and greater involvement of Children and Teenagers.

Our Scriptures say we must follow “Sanatana Dharma” – “The Eternal Principles of Truth and Righteousness”. We simply cannot force others/children/teenagers, to do the right thing. Compulsion builds resentment.

With collaboration and cooperation from Parents, our goal is to provide opportunities to Children and Teenagers, for growth and maturity/spiritual maturity and prepare them to be able to exercise their own Spiritual Guidance, in decision-making in any given area of their lives.

And yes, this means children will sometimes make mistakes and learn from them.

Children cannot be suddenly expected to make wise decisions, if they were never given freedom to make important decisions while they were growing up in their parents’ homes.
Such children often are crippled by an inability to make any decisions on their own.

To achieve such Spiritual independence, our goal is to provide young members of the community with facilities for cultural activities that are fun and educational.

Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple is a sacred entity, with strong connections to our past. We are looking forward to building our future, where our Temple would be multi-generational.

We envision providing improved facilities for Yoga, Meditation, and Cultural and Educational Activities, to improve participation of Children and Teenagers.
Our goal is to raise money to improve and expand the facilities or move to a bigger venue where we can provide such opportunities for the growth of children.
We seek donors of Time, Talent, and Treasure.

We seek Volunteers who Imagine, Inquire, and Inspire.

“Donate to our educational and experiential programs because learning and experiencing can’t wait.”

Our goal is to promote various Vedic, Spiritual, Religious, Ritualistic Programs as well as Cultural, Educational, and Outreach Programs, for the purpose of cultivating faith and devotion. Our goal is to help members visiting this Sacred Temple to evolve Spiritually and to enhance the feeling of Well-Being in all the individuals in the Community, Society, State, Country, and the World at large.

Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple services are vibrant, musical, and contemplative, engaging our hearts and minds with the words of our Scriptures.

Our aim is to help build Vedic lives that are authentic. By building Authentic Vedic Lives we envision transformed, enriched society.

Worship can shine light on our lives and nurture gratitude for the Blessings we have received.

On the path of Devotion and Spiritual Evolution, on the path of Faith or still searching, no matter where one is, Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple welcomes all; and envisions leading one and all from where they are to where they want to be.

We at Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple believe that since places of worship are viewed with reverence, goals of all places of worship should be directed to bringing healing and peace to our world. We envision that our passion, discipline, and dedication will change the world.


Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple envisions lifelong/eternal learning through many generations, different generations learning together, studying, exploring and experiencing Scriptures and traditions.

We envision our children and teenagers engaging and participating in thought-provoking, creative, stimulating exchange of ideas and interactive learning, drawing from our profoundly rich heritage.

Just as it has throughout our history, Vedic learning today stands as the foundation of meaning and purpose in our lives.


We envision Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple to be a spiritual home, a home away from home, a place to be comfortable, a place to be challenged, and a place to engage.

India is our spiritual homeland.

At Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple, we envision celebrating India’s sacred history and its unparalleled contribution to the modern world.

Inspired by a vision of peace and wisdom rooted in Vedic Values, we envision engagement with India, and we envision supporting Hindu communities the world over.

Vedic and Sanatana Dharma values guide us as we deepen our connections to a Vedic way of life. They are an expression of who we are and who we aspire to be as we build the future of Sri Siva Kameshwari Temple.