śrī śivakāmeśvarī devasthānam
(Divine Vibrations & Community Wellbeing)
(Vedic Spiritual Center - A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FED ID#: 83-1669026)
Promoting Spirituality, Art, Culture & Vedic education
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Our VIsion


Our VIsion – Vedic Spiritual Center! 

Since its inception in August 2016, with the help and involvement of volunteers, Vedic Spiritual
Center has successfully organized and conducted many community outreach programs to bring
the community together.

There have been Cultural activities, to involve all age groups.
On 10-10-18, Temple attained a non-profit, Public Charity Status under Internal Revenue Code
Section 501 (c) (3), and the EIN or the Tax Identification Number is 83-1669026.

Our Vision and Goals for 2019 and Future is to see an escalation of programs and greater
involvement of Elders, Children and Teenagers.

Our Vision is grounded in the profound teachings of "Sanatana Dharma," which espouses the
timeless principles of truth and righteousness. We firmly believe that compelling others,
especially children and teenagers, to do what is right is not the path we follow.

Our vision is to foster collaboration and cooperation with parents to empower children and
teenagers with opportunities for personal growth, maturity, and spiritual development. We aim to
equip them to confidently exercise their own spiritual guidance when making decisions in
various aspects of their lives. We understand that mistakes are a natural part of this process,
and we believe they offer valuable learning experiences. We recognize that expecting children
to make wise decisions without the freedom to make important choices during their upbringing
can leave them unprepared to make independent decisions later in life. Our commitment is to
break this cycle and nurture self-assured, decision-capable individuals.

In pursuit of spiritual independence, our aim is to furnish the youth in our community with
enjoyable and educational opportunities for cultural engagement. Our Vedic Spiritual Center is
an institution deeply rooted in our heritage, poised to cultivate a future that embraces all
generations. We foresee enhancing our offerings in Yoga, Meditation, and a spectrum of cultural
and educational activities to foster increased participation among the elderly, children, and
Our vision is to secure funding for the enhancement and expansion of our facilities or the
relocation to a larger venue, enabling us to create more avenues for children's growth and

We are in search of donors who can contribute their Time, Talent, and Treasure. We also
welcome Volunteers who can Envision, Explore, and Empower.
Support our educational and experiential programs, as the pursuit of knowledge and hands-on
experiences cannot be delayed.

Our vision is to foster a diverse array of Vedic, spiritual, cultural, educational, and outreach
initiatives aimed at nurturing faith and devotion. Our mission is to guide those who come to this
center towards spiritual growth and to elevate the sense of well-being in every individual within
our community, society, state, nation, and the global community as a whole.

Our vision for the Vedic Spiritual Center is to create a dynamic and soul-stirring experience,
where music and contemplation intertwine to deeply resonate with our Scriptures. We are
committed to nurturing authentic Vedic lives, which, in turn, will empower a profound
transformation and enrichment of our society.

Through timeless proven practices, we aim to illuminate our paths, fostering gratitude for the
abundant blessings we've received. Whether on the journey of devotion and spiritual growth,
firmly rooted in faith, or still exploring one's spiritual path, the Vedic Spiritual Center warmly
welcomes all. Our ultimate vision is to guide each individual from their current point to their
desired spiritual destination.

At Vedic Spiritual Center, we hold the belief that places of worship, revered by many, should
serve as beacons of healing and peace for our world. We aspire to transform the world through
our unwavering passion, discipline, and dedicated efforts.


The Vedic Spiritual Center's vision is to foster a continuous and timeless journey of learning that
transcends generations. We see a future where diverse generations come together to study,
explore, and immerse themselves in the wisdom of ancient Scriptures and traditions.

Our aspiration is to have our children and teenagers actively involved in engaging, thought-
provoking, and creative dialogues, where they exchange ideas and participate in interactive
learning experiences that draw from the profound wealth of our heritage.

Much like it has in our history, Vedic learning will continue to serve as the bedrock of meaning
and purpose in our lives today.


We envision Vedic Spiritual Center as a second home, for comfort and growth, fostering
engagement and transformation. Our roots are deeply anchored in India.

At Vedic Spiritual Center, we aspire to honor India's sacred heritage and its remarkable
influence on the modern world. Our vision is inspired by a commitment to peace and wisdom
deeply rooted in Vedic Values. We aim to foster a global connection with India and extend our
support to communities worldwide. 

Guided by the timeless principles of Vedic and Sanatana Dharma, we strive to strengthen our
connection to a Vedic way of life. These values embody our essence and shape our aspirations
as we embark into the future of Vedic Spiritual Center.