śrī śivakāmeśvarī devasthānam
(Divine Vibrations & Community Wellbeing)
(Vedic Spiritual Center - A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FED ID#: 83-1669026)
All donations are tax deductable & for use of temple purpose only
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Sri Siva Kameswari Temple
(Vedic Spiritual Center).
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Today Panchamgam : Sun Rise : 6:48 Thithi : ashtami - 11:08 Varam : Tue Pakshyam : Krish Month : kartika Year : shobhakri Nakshatram : pubba - 14:05 Varjyam: 22:08 - 23:56 Durmuhurtam: 8:46 - 9:26 Durmuhurtam 2: 22:19 - 22:58 Yoga : vishkambh - 9:07 Karana : kaulava - 11:08 Karana 2: taitila - 24:23 Amrutha Ghadiyas : 6:52 - 8:41 Rahu Kalam: 14:11 - 15:25 Gulika: 11:43 - 12:57 Yama Gandam: 9:16 - 10:30 Sun Set : 16:39
Submit for Sevak Team (Temple Volunteer)
A Sevak team is comprised of dedicated volunteers who generously donate their time and effort to support a specific cause or organization. Within a temple or religious organization, a Sevak team may have various responsibilities including maintaining the temple premises, organizing events and festivals, providing assistance to visitors, and assisting with rituals and ceremonies.

Typically, members of a Sevak team are motivated by a desire to serve and contribute to their community, often with a strong spiritual or religious connection to the organization they serve. They may receive training or guidance from experienced volunteers or staff members, and work cohesively as a team to achieve their goals.

Sevak teams play a vital role in supporting the mission and goals of a temple, as well as building a committed and dedicated community of volunteers who strive to make a positive impact in the world.

For students seeking volunteer opportunities, joining a Sevak team can be a rewarding experience that also counts towards their school volunteer hours. If you would like to join our dedicated Sevak team, please select your preferred area of service and submit the form. We will be in touch with you soon..