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Priest Services

NOTE: You must submit the form to request the priest service.

                   The Temple provides all kinds of Hindu religious priest services and in-temple Abhishekas and Kalyanams, along with Shraddha services as well through our well-trained Vedic Pundits. These rituals will be performed authentically as prescribed according to our Vedic Scriptures.

If you would like to request any priest services, please fill the form on this page and submit it to us. Once the Temple receives your request, our dedicated volunteer team will get back to you with the confirmation/response to your requested service within 24-48 hours along with a calendar invitation for the requested service. You must accept the invitation in order to confirm the service. Please make sure that you accept the invitation to secure the slot.

Even if you speak with the priest at the Temple, your services will not be confirmed unless you submit a priest service request form and accept the invitation. We request everyone in the community to send your priest service request form to facilitate a smooth process.

The Temple has developed a policy for scheduling the priests to different events, which we will follow. Please note that one of our expert priest’s will be assigned to you according to this policy.


If you would like to cancel your appointment, you must send an email to with the reason for cancellation, and any other relevant information, at least 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time.

Priest Dakshina:

The Dakshina to the Priest and Priest transportation is not included in the Temple Service Fee. We suggest that you give Dakshina to your priest generously, according to your “Shraddha, Bhakti, and Shakti” (at your good will). According to our Vedic Scriptures, there is no limit for Priest Dakshina. At the same time, you should give neither less nor more than you are able to.

Preparation for the Puja:
  • Please make sure you gather all the ingredients required for your Puja service according to the list provided by the Temple.
  • Please ONLY follow the list provided by the Temple
  • If you can, open all the packets and nicely organize everything in different plates/trays, wash all fruits, and pluck the flowers from bunches and put them in a tray or flower basket. Put these ingredients neatly in the Puja area
  • If you want, you can decorate the Puja area
  • Once the Priest arrives, he will take care of the rest of the setup, and if he needs something, you may provide it to him at that time to make your puja successful and blissful
  • For the Host and Spouse – please wear Indian attire (no shorts, jeans, etc. during the puja)

If you have any further questions regarding logistics and administration, please email us at, or call/text us at 949-468-7999. Or you may contact your assigned priest for questions regarding your scheduled puja.

Request from the Temple:

After your Puja service has been concluded, you will receive a follow up feedback email from us. Please reply to that email with any suggestions to improve our quality of services and make any needed changes.


Thank You

Request for Priest Services
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