śrī śivakāmeśvarī devasthānam
(Divine Vibrations & Community Wellbeing)
(Vedic Spiritual Center - A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FED ID#: 83-1669026)
All donations are tax deductable & for use of temple purpose only
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Sri Siva Kameswari Temple
(Vedic Spiritual Center).
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Today Panchamgam : Sun Rise : 6:48 Thithi : ashtami - 11:08 Varam : Tue Pakshyam : Krish Month : kartika Year : shobhakri Nakshatram : pubba - 14:05 Varjyam: 22:08 - 23:56 Durmuhurtam: 8:46 - 9:26 Durmuhurtam 2: 22:19 - 22:58 Yoga : vishkambh - 9:07 Karana : kaulava - 11:08 Karana 2: taitila - 24:23 Amrutha Ghadiyas : 6:52 - 8:41 Rahu Kalam: 14:11 - 15:25 Gulika: 11:43 - 12:57 Yama Gandam: 9:16 - 10:30 Sun Set : 16:39

Temple Family Membership – $1501

This membership must be renewed every year

Sri Sivakameswari Temple invites you to become an Annual Temple Family memberof this unique temple on the concept if Prakriti and Purusha.

Donation Amount: $1,501

Through this membership, the donors will be benefitted in these ways:

  • Donate $1,501 once a year and gain access to all regular temple scheduled services for the entire year. These services include all scheduled Archanas, Abhishekams, Monthly Satyannarayana Pujas, Monthly Srichakra Navavarana Pujas, and more done in your name, whether or not the donor and family are present at the temple
  • Monthly Masa Sankalpam will be done on every Poornima (full moon) day before Navavarana Puja
  • All members can collect their Prasadams for the previous month upon their visit to the Temple 
  • Free live-streaming of all temple scheduled events for you to enjoy from anywhere and through any device
  • Religious/spiritual consultancy services for you or your family members as needed
  • Free yearly Panchangam (calendar) at the start of each year


1. All Temple Family Members are requested to renew their yearly membership on time. This will greatly help the sustenance of the Temple.

2. * The Temple Family Member benefits do not apply to Kalyanotsavams, Navratri Programs, and any other special festival programs

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