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Temple Family Membership – $1501

Dear Devotee,

Sri Sivakameswari Temple extend our warm welcome to be part of our  Annual  “Temple Family Membership Program”. In this program all Temple Scheduled Pujas, Archanas, & Abhishekams will be performed on you and your family members on a daily basis.

Your support will be invaluable, contributing to the vibrancy of our spiritual community. 

Monthly Masa Sankalpam will be done on every Poornima (full moon) day before Navavarana Puja

All members can collect their Prasadams for the previous month upon their visit to the Temple 

Free live-streaming of all temple scheduled events for you to enjoy from anywhere and through any device

Spiritual consultancy services for you or your family members as needed

Free yearly Panchangam (calendar) at the start of each year


1. All Temple Family Members are requested to renew their yearly membership on time. This will greatly help the sustenance of the Temple.

2. * The Temple Family Member benefits do not apply to Kalyanotsavams, Navratri Programs, and any other special festival programs

Also, please come and join our New Year Celebrations and collect your 2024 Temple Calendar at the temple or download from here. (NOTE: Link will be active from 1st Jan, 2024)


Thank you for being a pillar of our community.

Thanks & Regards,

Sri Sivakameswari Devasthanam

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