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śrī śivakāmeśvarī devasthānam
श्री शिवकामेश्वरी देवस्थानम्
(Vedic Spiritual Center - A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FED ID#: 83-1669026)
All donations are tax deductable & for use of temple purpose only
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Sri Siva Kameswari Temple
(Vedic Spiritual Center).
(949) 468 7999 (714) 714 0101
Today Panchamgam : Sun Rise : 6:54 Thithi : shashthi - 17:11 Varam : Wed Pakshyam : Krish Month : bhadrapada Year : shobhakri Nakshatram : mrigashira - FULL Varjyam: 11:44 - 13:25 Durmuhurtam: 12:18 - 13:05 Yoga : vyatipata - 17:09 Karana : vanija - 17:11 Karana 2: vishti/bhadr - 29:32 Amrutha Ghadiyas : 21:51 - 23:32 Rahu Kalam: 12:41 - 14:08 Gulika: 11:14 - 12:41 Yama Gandam: 8:21 - 9:48 Sun Set : 18:29

Founding Family Yearly Donation – $365

Dear Temple Founding Members,

I take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy New Year. May Goddess Sivakameswari bless you and your family and give you happiness and prosperity in the upcoming year. We concluded the year 2021 successfully with many public events and by celebrating many festivals with the community. I thank you once again from the bottom of my heart for all your continued love and support. I humbly request you all to please donate a Dollar a Day to the Temple, apart from your Founding Membership. This contribution by you will greatly help the Temple in its sustenance so that it can keep providing quality services for our community.

            All pujas in the Temple for all Founding Members are taking place every day, including Full Moon (Pournima) “Navavarana Sri Chakra Puja”. Please collect your monthly Prasadam during your next visit to the Temple. Please click here to make your yearly donation for our Temple’s sustenance fund.

Thank you,
Pundit Sharma Samavedula
“Sri Sivakameswari Anugraha Siddhirastu”