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About Vedic Spiritual Center – ” Welcome to the Harmony of Nature and Spirituality “

Welcome to Vedic Spiritual Center, where we are dedicated to nurturing our community and
fostering higher growth among all our devoted members.

Our center offers a unique opportunity to engage in empowering services, ultimately leading to
inner peace.

A community supported, volunteer driven organization and with the IRS non-profit status.
granted the tax-exempt non-profit, Public Charity Status under Internal Revenue Code Section
501 (c) (3), and the EIN or the Tax Identification Number is 83-1669026.

Vedic Spiritual Center, also Registered as Vedic Spiritual Center (VSC), has been a Visionary
dream project of Pundit Sri Samavedula Chandra Sekhara Sarma for a long time. It is taking
shape now in the form of a home for the community to get together. 

We provide a hub for self-discovery, education, and outreach programs, aiming to enhance the
well-being of individuals across our community, society, state, country, and the world. Our center
is a home for various community outreach programs. For many of us, it’s a second home where
we gather with our families to celebrate festivals and special occasions. We are truly blessed to
have this center in our lives.

This center formation is based and inspired from the following verses from Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram.

– शिवकामेश्वराङकस्था शिवास्वाधीन वल्लभा II (Sanskrit)
śiva-kāmeśvarāṅkasthā śivā svādhīna-vallabhā II (English)
Translation: Shivakameswarangastha – She who sits on the lap of Kameswara (shiva), Stotram
– Shiva – She who is the personification of Shiva, Swadheena Vallabha – She, whose husband
obeys her.

– स-चामर- रमा-वाणी सव्य दशिण सेशवता॥
sacāmara-ramā-vāṇī-savya-dakṣiṇa-sevitā II (English)
Translation: Sachamara rama vani savya dhakshina sevitha – She who is being served by
fanning by Lakshmi, the almighty of wealth and Saraswati, the almighty of knowledge. almighty
Siva & Parvati Devi (another form of almighty Sri Kameswari) are Universal Parents as is well
said in the melodious sloka –

“Vaagardhaviva sampruktau vagartha pratipattaye
Jagatah pitarau vande Parvati Parameswarau”

This center is being built on the basis of “Prakriti” (Nature, in other words almighty Sri Raja Rajeswari /Kameswari), “Purusha” (Man, in other words almighty Siva, who is our Father) & Meru in relation to the entire universe. It is a well-known fact that we all are getting our needs in the form of food, medicine, shelter and everything else is always from nature. So in order to thank Mother Nature we have come up with this wonderful idea of establishing this Vedic Spiritual Center that would be running purely based on the Vedic Principles.

Sri Siva Kameswari center is being successfully inaugurated on the Sacred Day of Sri Ganesh Chaturthi, during the Ganesh Navarathri Period which marks the auspicious and traditional beginning of all festivals as per the Vedic Calendar. This is a very sacred beginning and signifies many important things associated with this center; first and foremost being the Blessings of the almighty for this great venture.

As has been stated already, this center is formed and designed on the basis of the concept ‘PraKriti & Purusha’ – Nature that is symbolic of Divine mother & Man in the form of almighty Shiva represented here as Maha Shiva Lingam. This will be in the form of “Pancha – Bhootas” representing the five main Natural Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire & Space). These form the five faces of almighty Shiva. In this center we have Maha Shiva Linga with five faces, each face representing one natural element. All these five natural elements together form Prakriti or Nature in completed form. These five faces of Shiva called “Sadhyojata”, “Vamadeva”, “Aghora”, “Satpurusha”, and “Eshana” form the five faces of the Maha Shivalinga in Sri Siva Kameswari center.

Prakriti in this center is in the form of the Supreme Divine Mother. She in the Utsava Moorthy form is called as Sri Raja Rajeswari. Moola Viraat or the Main Presiding Deity of this center is in the form of Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari. The reason for having Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari as the presiding Deity is because she is above all the Shaktis. According to the Sacred Text, Devi Bhagawata, Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari form resides in the Mani Dweepa. It is written there that during the apocalypse time, when almighty Brahma, almighty Sri Maha Vishnu & almighty Shiva merge into The Divine Mother, a plan for the creation of the next universe begins.

So, in totality in this ‘PraKriti & Purusha’ concept, we are calling almighty Shiva along with Sri Raja Rajeswari (or Sri Lalitha Maha Tripura Sundari), as ONE “SRI SIVA KAMESWARI” as we believe She has descended here with us along with the almighty Shiva to fulfill all our desires.

The very essence of creation begins with the culmination of both ‘PraKriti & Purusha’. When we pray to the almighty in the form of ‘PraKriti & Purusha’ that is Sri Sivakameswari; when we pray to nature, protect nature, and respect Laws of Nature and in turn nature will protect us. Such a person is blessed by almighty Sri Sivakameswari and he/she will then benefit immensely in all aspects of life and even beyond – that is in health, material as well as spiritual wealth, and will eventually attain ‘Moksha’ (Salvation). Simple example will illustrate this – when one protects and takes care of trees (which are also manifestation of the almighty), initially when they are saplings/plants; Eventually they help us all our life in many ways; they give us fresh air to breathe; fruits to eat; shade to protect us; flowers to make us happy with their sweet aroma and beautiful appearance and sweet honey; provide wood for Homas & Yagyas etc. The smoke (It is not just an ordinary smoke) emerging from these Homas & Yagyas will form clouds and through rainfall are released back into nature, the good energy that was generated through the Fire Ceremony. This is because the Smoke is generated with the help of firewood, heat energy from the fire; certain special ingredients offered along with the pure Cow ghee in to the fire; combined with the special sound of the related Veda Mantra, produces a special energy which is absorbed by the nature leads to cloud formation. This Divine energy is released back into nature to benefit all in various ways.That is how the science of creating positive energy through Vedic Mantras works. That is why we have this common saying in Sanskrit “Vruksho Rakshati Rakshitaha, Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha ” – Means if you protect trees and Dharma, they will in turn protect you.

Similarly, when we make an effort and please Divine Mother Sri Sivakameswari, She will not only fulfill all our desires like “Kalpataru” (A Celestial Wish fulfilling Tree that has emerged from the churning of the Milky Ocean during ‘Amrutha Manthan’ period – It was later given under the rulership of almighty Indra and is residing in Heaven now). As was well said in the Sacred text of Sri Bhagavad Gita, “Pray the Nature”: as was said by the almighty Sri Krishna who asked all the people in the Braj to pray the nature that is “Govardhan mountain”, which was a representation of the nature as it housed many trees, medicinal plants, animals, and even humans. So basically, this center is praying to nature in the form of almighty Sri Sivakameswari. Therefore, anyone who prays here, their share of gratitude offering to nature will be fulfilled and all will be blessed.

As is very well said the Sacred text “Devi Bhagawatam”, almighty Sri Sivakameswari or Siva Kama Sundari is manifesting (in this center) as almighty Brahma in creating, as almighty Vishnu in protection and as almighty Shiva in concluding the whole entire universe. Therefore almighty Sri Sivakameswari acts as the Agama Trinity – all the three in one form only.

Sri Lalita acting as Trinity

Here are few slokas from Sri Lalita Sahastranama Stotra that best explain Sri Lalita Tripura Sundari’s tasks and her significance as Trimurthy form – assuming different roles as Brahma, Vishnu & Maheswara – ‘Srishti karta Brahma roopa’ – means that Sri Lalita acts as Creator in the form of almighty Brahma. Creation is started with Her permission. ‘Goptri Govinda roopini’ – means that having Sattva Guna (Sattvik nature) as Her primary nature, She is also who acts as almighty Sri Maha Vishnu in protecting. Similarly, ‘Samhaarini Rudra roopa’ – means that She acts as almighty Shiva for the destruction, means that She will be almighty Shiva for concluding the whole creation. 

‘Tirodhana kari Ishwari’ – means that she is the one who can dispel anything and make them disappear. At that time, She will be acting as Ishwara (Almighty). ‘Sada Shiva anugrahada’ – means one who is the pure Sattvik form of almighty Shiva and with that benevolence can render a body or form that is indestructible. That means one can bestow Moksha (Salvation). ‘Pancha kritya Parayana’ – means creation, protection, destruction, disappearance and eventually Moksha that is merging with the Almighty are all five primary actions that She performs assuming different roles for each task. ‘Pancha Brahmasana sthitha’ – means that She is residing within the space as five forms of Brahma and she alone is acting as five Brahmas. Here in Sri Lalitha Sahasranama She is depicted as Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara and Ishwara as the four supporting pillars for her throne and almighty Shiva is her seat and backrest for this throne. This is how Sri Lalita Maha Tripura Sundari, or Sivakameshwari is beautifully ornamented and praised in the description of the shlokas. This narration is very useful for one to understand her magnanimity in all aspects of creation and destruction. All these names are all very well described in Sri Lalita Sahastranama stotram. This was given by almighty Shiva to Sage Agastya.

She resides in all nature as one form known as “Shakti” (Energy). All the nature comes from her and all again merges back into her at the end. With this idea as the main basis for this center formation, almighty Sri Sivakameswari or Siva Kama Sundari has been made as the main Presiding Deity of the center. We hope the presence of this center benefits the neighborhood, city, state, country and the entire world.

The unique feature and specialty of this center comprises having the main Deities being placed here on the basis of the ‘PraKriti & Purusha’ phenomenon. This is a very unique, new concept and wonderful idea to reach almighty in the easiest and simplest form through nature that was prescribed by almighty himself. May almighty Shiva and Sri Sivakameswari almighty bless us all in this great endeavor and Divine Venture and may everyone’s desires be fulfilled.

In addition to prayers for community well being, we believe in “Manava Sevaya Madhava Seva”. Our center has initiated several community outreach efforts. Our volunteers have empowered us to offer an array of community outreach initiatives, including dance and yoga classes and food donations. Our center has provided meals to over 70,000 people, and we’ve grown from just 50 individuals to a community of 5,000 strong. Five exceptional youngsters were honored with the Presidential Gold Medal for their remarkable community service, and we distributed 5,000 plus sandwiches to Santa Ana homeless shelters. Additionally, we organized a Stem Cell Drive to raise awareness about the importance of stem cell donations within our community. 

Furthermore, we’ve established a library housing over 1,000 books in various languages, brimming with invaluable wisdom and knowledge. Our community members are encouraged to explore this treasury of knowledge at any time. You can always expect to be welcomed and rejuvenated through our Energy, Spirit, and dedicated community services.

Our Committee

Chandrasekhara Samavedula
Head Priest & Founder
Ravikumar Kameti
Venkat Kambampati - Vice president
Venkat Kambampati
Vice president
Anil Kandala - Treasurer
Anil Kandala
Jeevan Vakicherla - Secretary
Jeevan Vakicherla
Venkat Munukutla - Religious & Cultural Co-Chair
Venkat Munukutla
Spiritual & Cultural Co-Chair
Vasu Parthasarathy - General Secretary
Vasu Parthasarathy
General Secretary