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What is Archana?

Archana is a Pooja which is conducted at temples by way of thanksgiving to God. When we do Archana to a particular deity at a temple, we thank him for the good things He has bestowed upon us and the forbearance He has endowed us with while facing the trials and turbulence in life.

Archana is a kind of pooja we do at temples to praise or honor the Lord we worship and thank Him /Her for the good things the deity has given us and for guiding us through the ups and downs of life. Archana means ‘praising’ or ‘honoring’.

We do Archana at OUR temples by offering flowers and fruits to God. Normally, people say their name, Nakshatra, and Gothra and also mention the names and Nakshatras of their family members so that the whole family benefits by doing Archana at temples.


Request for a Archana/Seva Sponsorship

I request the Vedic Spiritual Center ( Sri Siva Kameswari Temple ) to perform the above-mentioned Pooja Service/s and agree to the above terms. The Pooja Service/s will help to remove negative karma and help to co-create positive future karma. They work by divine power, however, it is important that I make every effort to comply with the instructions received and have faith and continue prayers. I agree that by participating in the Vedic Spiritual Center ( Sri Siva Kameswari Temple ) any knowledge gained will not be used as a substitute for health care treatment, programs or advice normally received from doctors, lawyers, or financial advisors. Vedic Spiritual Center ( Sri Siva Kameswari Temple ) does not make any warranties or representations concerning any specific results or effects.