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Monday 18th September 2023 – Friday 22nd September 2023

Ganesh Nimarjan in boat cruise

(Saturday Sep, 23rd, 2023)

Three alankarams to lord ganesha during five days.

Daily ganapati tarpanam, and gakaara sahasranama archana

Note: Maha prasad will be served after puja in the evening
Lunch prasad will be served on Saturday Sep 23rd, 2023 On the Boat Cruise after Ganesh Visarajan.

Note: during these ganesha utsav, our regular abhishekams will be performed earlier.

Please contact us for more information @ info@sivakameswari.org.

Namaste to all,

Sri sivakameswari devastanam cordially invites you all to attend “ganesh navaratri utsav” at the temple. As you all know, ganesha is the remover of obstacles and provider of knowledge and wisdom to overcome challenges and reach our goals in our lives. During this ganesh navratri, we will perform daily ganesha tarpanam, gakaara sahasranama archana (ganesha likes to be offered tarpanam with specific chantings that contain the moola mantra), and he also likes to be offered archana with 1,008 of his that start with “ga”.

This is an auspicious time to register for and sponsor this puja and receive the blessings of lord ganesha for you and your family. During one of these Five days, we will be offering 1,008 modaka homa as well to lord ganesha. Last but not least, lord ganesha will be decorated 3 times with a different alankaram.

The five days program

Monday September 18th, 2023

(Nijarupa Ganapati Alankaram)

10 AM – 12 PM

Kalasha Sthapana, Pooja & Ganapathi Tarpanam, and Aarti.

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Samoohika varasiddhi vinayaka puja (participatory puja),
(NOTE: Uou need to be in Indian attire, please bring few flowers and fruits.)
Ganapati ‘ga’kara Sahasranamarchana followed by Neerajanam, Mantrapushpam and dinner prasad.

From Tuesday Sep 19th, 2023 – Friday Sep 22nd, 2023

10 AM-12 PM

Daily Ganesh Pooja & Ganapathi Tarpanam, and Mangal Aarti
(For prosperity and removing of obstacles in all areas of life)

7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Ganapathi, Shodasha Upachara Pooja, Ganapathi ‘Ga’Kara Sahastranamarchana
followed by Neerajanam (Aarti), Mantrapushpam and dinner Prasad
(For prosperity & happiness in life)

Special Program on Friday Sep 22nd, 2023

6: 00 PM

Ganapathi Astha Dravya Homam

7 : 30 PM

Vidyarthi Puja

Special puja for students

Participatory puja by all students for their academics.

Saturday Sep 23rd, 2023

09:00 AM Onwards

Ganesh Nimajjanam

(100 Acquarium Way, Dock #2, long Beach, CA.)
Please download the a link to direction and parking information at the Harbor and Boat Doc information.
See you at the boat.
Ganapati Bappa Moria!!

Ganapati alankarams

Alankaram Date Alankaram
1 Monday, September 18th 2023 Nijaroopa Alankaram
2 Tuesday, September 21st 2023 Veera Ganapathi
3 Friday, September 22nd 2023 Sakthi Ganapathi
All 5 days per family All Pujas - Ganesh Navaratri
Annadanam - Ganesh Navaratri
Any single day puja - Ganesh Navaratri
Ganesh Nimajjanam (Boat Cruise) Per Person - Ganesh Navaratri
100 Acquarium Way, Dock #2, long Beach, CA. Sponsor Now - 25$
Archana - Ganesh Navaratri