Siva Sanchara Seva (Rudrabhishekam)

(Invite Lord Siva to your home)

From Nov 15th to Dec 14th, 2020

Sponsorship for this event is only $151.00/whole event and Priest Dakshina. Priest dakshina is totally up to you based on your ‘shraddha, bhakti, and shakti’.

In the upcoming Sacred month of Kartika, Sri Siva Kameswari Temple is Offering a program called SIVA SANCHARA SEVA – where you are welcome to invite Lord Sri Siva (Sphatika/Crystal Linga) to your respective homes and offer Rudrabhishekam and Alankaram, followed by Aarti. This unique and innovative program was designed by Temple to offer you all the rare and special opportunity to do Rudrabhishekam in this auspicious month of Kartika.

The main concept here is to invite Lord into your homes and get His blessings to you all. Please take advantage of this and enjoy the Divine bliss and company in your home. This will take approximately about 1 to 1.5 hours for the whole process.

We will do this twice in a day. Priest Bookings have already begun starting November 16th. Please call or email us to make your reservation. Prior reservation is a must.

Please send us your request for this service at –
For Prasad offering: Payasam/kheer.

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