Sri Krishna Janmashtami celebration Virtually “Birth of Lord Krishna”

Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar (incarnation) of Lord Maha Vishnu. Lord Krishna was born to Devaki and Vasudeva at midnight in 

Rohini Nakshatra on Shravana Bahula Ashtami. On Janmashtami, devotees spend the day immersed in Sri Krishna’s glory by reading, reciting and singing His 

divine leela. Children are adorned as Lord Krishna and Radhika, his spiritual beloved. Mothers revel in recollecting the eternal motherly love of Yasoda, who was
Krishna’s adoptive mother.  

Program Details As fallow:

When: August 10th Mon -Time: 09:00 PM to 12:00 AM


(Virtually only)

Sudarshana Homam&Lord Venkateswara abhishekam, Alankarana, Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Group chanting from your home only,  

AND Sri Krishna Janmotsav & Archana-Puja, Maha Haarati and Mahaa prasad

 Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare 


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Given the surge in COVID19 cases, the temple will follow shelter in place till Sept 30th,2020 Temple priests will continue to perform Nitya Pujas, and all pujas will be broadcast LIVE. Temple won’t be open for devotees to physically come into the temple. However, all ONLINE pujas and ONLINE priest services continue to be available.

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