śrī śivakāmeśvarī devasthānam
(Divine Vibrations & Community Wellbeing)
(Vedic Spiritual Center - A NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION FED ID#: 83-1669026)
Promoting Spirituality, Art, Culture & Vedic education
All donations are tax deductable & for use of temple purpose only
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Sustenance fund


                     Temple is requesting for a donation on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis for sustenance of the temple. This fund will be used to run the temple’s day to day operations such as rent, utilities, priest salaries, garlands, other puja materials cleanliness, etc. No amount is too little and every penny is valuable.The donors’ names, Gotrams and Nakshatrams will be chanted in daily puja archana as a token of appreciation from the temple. The donation made in this category will only be used for this purpose. All donations are tax deductible as law permits.