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The significance of performing the Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam of Bhadrachalam

The significance of performing the Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam of Bhadrachalam in
the Sri Sivakameswari Devasthanam, Costa mesa, USA is particularly aimed at
benefiting the NRI Community in Los Angeles Metro Area , especially the
younger generation. Witnessing this sacred union in its most authentic form
blesses them with the opportunity to experience the profound spiritual
significance of this Holy Matrimony.

In Vedic tradition, Lord Rama symbolizes the embodiment of sixteen great virtues
and serves as a paragon of various roles such as a son, brother, husband, and
ruler. The companionship of Rama and Sita exemplifies the ideals of an ideal
married life, where they stood together through adversities and joys, inseparable
like the word from its meaning or the water from the wave. Their marriage, as
depicted in ancient Vedic texts, sets the standard for Vedic marriages today.

The Sita Rama Kalyanam, performed annually, is believed to sustain life on
earth, with the conviction that Lord Rama brings the spring rains, while Mother
Sita, born from Mother Earth, provides fertile lands for cultivation to feed the
world. The act of offering clothes to the divine couple during the ceremony
symbolizes surrendering our mortal bodies to the divine, seeking liberation from
the cycle of life and death.

This divine union aims to bring happiness, peace, prosperity, and strengthen
relationships within families and communities worldwide.

The Kalyanam ceremony signifies the union of individual consciousness (jiva)
with the Supreme Self (Lord Rama) through devotion. Rediscovering this unity is
the essence of true happiness and fulfillment, serving as the purpose of our
human existence.

For further details, please refer to the event flyer on our page. We humbly
request your participation in the Kalyanam ceremony and welcome sponsorships
to support this auspicious event.