Dhanurmasa celebrations

Tuesday December 15th, 2020 – Wednesday January 13th, 2020
Sivakameswari temple Welcoming you all to join in Dhanurmasa vrata puja via Temple
YouTube Live or In person ( by Appointment only) Read more About Dhanurmasa.

By Appointment only at a time 5 Families only.
Please call to book your Visiting time & Live Archana on Demand by Phone call at 512 633 7999 / 714 486 2614

Daily Temple Special timings & puja schedule

Temple opening time

5:30 AM – 11:00 AM (Weekdays) 
5:30 PM – 8:30PM (Weekdays)

Daily puja schedule

5.30AM -7:00 AM
Suprabhata Seva, Tiruvaradhana, Archana, Thirupallaichi, Tiruppavayi, Satrumarai / Goshti, Sevakaaklam, Nivedana, Mangala Shashanam, Teertha Prasadam.

In Dhanurmasa, Every Friday at 6:00 PM

Samoohika Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana, Goda kumkumarchana,
Nivedana,Mangalaa Shashanam, Shattumarai, Teertha Prasadam.
Live on Temple YouTube channel
(Dec 18th, and Dec 25th in 2020 and January 1st, and January 8th in 2021)

Tuesday January 12th, at 5PM in the evening, Sri Andald Neeratotsavam, Snapana Tiruvanjanam.
Wednesday January 13th, at 5PM, Sri Goda Ranganadha Kalyanam and Dhanurmasa ends.


Nitya Sankalpa for the whole month & Godha Kalyanam




Only Godha Kalyanam  (Jan 13th)


Nitya Sankalpa per day


Daily Garlands in dhanurmasa 

$51 per day

For more information, please call temple at 714 486 2614 or 512 633 7999 more information on Dhanurmasa please visit our website www.sivakameswari.org


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