Hanumat Jayanti (Hanuman Jayanti)

Celebrations on Saturday, May 16th, 2020
Time 5: 00 PM – 6:30 PM.

Program details

5:00 PM – Lord Hanuman Abhishekam

5:30 PM – 11 times Hanuman Chalisa chanting in the temple (group limited
members only) led by Pandit Siddharth Pathak.
(Kindly reserve your spot if interested to attend in person by calling 949.899.3471/ 949.542.2667).
Zoom link will be sent later for devotees to join remotely.

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Note: Temple is resuming normal hours with special guidelines from this day (16th May 2020) onwards. Please visit our website and follow all the safety guidelines during your visit to the temple. All other temple activities on this day will remain the same as stated on the website.


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Given the surge in COVID19 cases, the temple will follow shelter in place till Sept 30th,2020 Temple priests will continue to perform Nitya Pujas, and all pujas will be broadcast LIVE. Temple won’t be open for devotees to physically come into the temple. However, all ONLINE pujas and ONLINE priest services continue to be available.

In the service of the community.

Siva Kameswari Temple Administration