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Significance of the Holy Matrimony of Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

In the Vedic tradition, Lord Rama is considered the embodiment and personification of all the great sixteen virtues and a role model as a son, brother, husband, ruler etc. The companionship of Rama and Sita depicts how to lead an ideal wedded life. They stayed together in the adversity and happiness alike and lived inseparable like the word from its meaning and the water from wave. The style of their marriage (or “kalyanam”) as described in ancient Hindu writings is used as the baseline for Hindu marriages today.
Sita Rama Kalyanam is performed every year to sustain the life on the earth with the belief that Lord Rama brings spring rains and the mother Sita who is born to mother earth gives us the fertile land to cultivate for the best crops to feed the world. It is widely believed that the offering of clothes to the divine couple during the wedding ceremony represents surrendering our mortal bodies (the clothes) to the lord seeking the Moksha or the release from the cycle of life and death. Lord’s Kalyanam is performed to bring the happiness and peace around the world.
The Kalyanam ceremony (divine union) represents union of Mother Sita (individual jiva) and Lord Rama (Supreme Self) though devotion. Jiva can only be united with Self through devotion or unbroken love for Lord. To rediscover our Oneness is the source of all happiness and fulfillment and purpose of our human birth.