Vasanta Navaratri Celebrations (Virtual)

From Tue Mar 24th to Tue Apr 2nd

Daily Durga Path/CHandi Parayana Daily – 4:30 PM

Durga/Chandi Saptashati All 700 verses,13 chapters will be recited in temple
(for very strong Divine protection from negative forces & evil energies,
improvement in overall health and general prosperity

Daily Alankarams for each day of Durga and Archana

from Tue March 24th – Thur April 2nd 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM

Day Date Alankarams
Day 1 Tue Mar 24th Shaila Putri
Day 2 Wed Mar 25th Brhma charini
Day 3 Thurs Mar 26th Chandra Ghanta
Day 4 Fri Mar 27th Kooshmandi
Day 5 Sat Mar 28h Skanda mata
Day 6 Sun Mar 29th Katyaayani
Day 7 Mon Mar 30th Kalaratri
Day 8 Tue Mar 31st Maha Gowri
Day 9 Wed Apr 1st Siddhi Da


$51/per day or $301 for all 9 days Alankarams & Evening Archana including Chandi Homa/Havan

$151 for Alankaram of the day you wish & Evening Archana including one day Chandi Parayana on your names of all family

Note:- All Pujas, Abhishekam, and Archana's will be live telecast @

For more information please contact program coordinator.
949 648 9836 / 512 633 7999