Vasanta Navaratri Celebrations (Virtual)

From Mon April 12th to Wed Apr 21st 2021
Daily Durga Path/Chandi Parayana Daily – 4:30 PM

Durga/Chandi Saptashati All 700 verses, 13 chapters will be recited in temple
(for a very strong Divine protection from negative forces & evil energies,
improvement in overall health and general prosperity)

Daily Alankarams for each day of Durga and Archana

From Mon April 12th to Wed Apr 21st 2021

Day Date Alankarams
Day 1 Mon 12thApril Shaila Putri
Day 2 Tues 13ththApril Brhma charini
Day 3 Wed 14thApril Chandra Ghanta
Day 4 Thur 15thApril Kooshmandi
Day 5 Fri 16 thApril Skanda mata
Day 6 Sat 17thApril Katyaayani
Day 7 Sun 18thApril Kalaratri
Day 8 Mon 19thApril Maha Gowri
Day 9 Tues 20thApril Siddhi Da
Day 10 Wed 21thApril Maha Durga Alankaram


$51/per day or $301 for all 9 days Alankarams & Evening Archana including Chandi Homa/Havan

$151 for Alankaram of the day you wish & Evening Archana including one day Chandi Parayana on your names of all family

Note:- All Pujas, Abhishekam, and Archana's will be live telecast @

For more information please contact program coordinator.
949 648 9836 / 512 633 7999