Please note: Priest Dhakshina is not included in the below given temple charges. Priest Dakshina is up to you, it is your own personal generous offering made to the Priest based on your Shraddha, Bhakti & Shakti.

  • One may sponsor any Deity Scheduled Abhishekam in the Temple for the sponsorship of $51.00 per each event. Please call Temple authorities for confirming your Abhishekam event.
  • This is free for all Founding Family Members.
  • To schedule Abhishekams at your Home sponsorship will be $501.00. For this service Deities will be coming to your house. For further information please contact sivakameswari108@gmail.com or 714 486 2614 / 949 899 3471.

For Special exclusive Abhishekam sponsorship at the Temple Sponsorship will be $151.00 per each Abhishekam event.

Please contact the Temple authorities for more information in this regard.