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Register for annual Pujas, Archanas, and Abhishekams to the deities of your choice
The Sivakameswari Temple extends an invitation for you to participate in sponsoring Abhishekams and daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and annual pujas conducted at the temple. You can also choose to sponsor these rituals on special occasions like birthdays and wedding days. By becoming a sponsor, you will experience enhanced well-being and prosperity in all aspects of your life. Your sponsorship plays a vital role in sustaining the temple, so we kindly request you to consider supporting these sacred rituals.

In the heart of Hindu devotion lies the profound practice of temple Pujas. "Puja" embodies reverence and homage to Gods and Goddesses, forging a personal connection. Temples host various Pujas, like Archana, Abhishekam, Homam, weaving a bond between devotees and the divine.

At Sri Sivakameswari Temple, we conduct weekly and monthly Pujas. We're excited to introduce our Annual Puja Sponsorship Program, allowing one-time sponsorships for a month or a year. Our dedicated priests perform these rituals on your behalf, and we live-stream all Pujas and Abhishekams.

Join us in selecting a Puja or Abhishekam, deepening your connection, and completing the sponsorship form. Your support preserves these traditions and lets you partake in divine blessings and spiritual enrichment.