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All donations are tax deductable & for use of temple purpose only
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Stock Donation

Membership is open to all regardless of nationality, ethnicity or spiritual.
SKT is a non-profit organization. Tax I.D. 83-1669026
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Donating Appreciated Securities to Support SKT
While donating cash is the simplest and fastest method for many, the Vedic Spiritual Center (Sri Siva Kameswari Temple – SKT) allows you to make a new Donations with appreciated securities. Gifts of stock can provide you with potential tax advantages while supporting the Activities of SKT. If you have appreciated securities that have been held for at least one year, you can bypass the capital gains tax by donating them to SKT, while still getting the full tax benefit of the value of the stock you transfer.
Samir wants to donate $50,000 to SKT. After comparing the cash versus stock option, he learns that he will have tax savings of $6,000 with a gift of stock.
Donate Cash
Cost = $50,000
Donate Appreciated Stock
Original cost of stock = $10,000
Current value of stock = $50,000
Capital gains tax saving = 15% capital gains rate * $40,000 gain = $6,000 tax savings
Cost after-tax-savings = $44,000 (Note: For capital gains tax savings, stock must be held by donor for at least year prior to donation)
How Do I Donate Appreciated Securities?
The process is simple! Provide your stockbroker with the stock name and number of shares you would like to contribute, along with SKT’s account information below:
Firm Name:
DTC #:
For the benefit of
Then contact —- at ——— or email Info@sivakameswari.org who will confirm when your order has been successfully completed.
Important Notes
The information on this form is not intended to represent legal or tax advice or to substitute for such advice. Individuals should consult with their financial advisor and/or accountant on all legal and tax matters.

SKT retains the right to sell the securities after they have been transferred into our account.
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Privacy Policy: SKT does not collect on this site personally identifiable information, including without limitation, your name, address, phone number or e-mail address, unless provided by you. This information is stored securely only for as long as it is required for the purpose for which it has been provided and is kept confidential unless sharing with a third party is required is to effectuate the purpose and objectives for which the information has been provided or where sharing it is required by law. Under no circumstances will the information provide by you be sold or rented to any third parties.

For more information, contact – Info@sivakameswari.org