Please note: Priest Dhakshina is not included in the below-given temple charges. Priest Dakshina is up to you, it is your own personal generous offering made to the Priest based on your Shraddha, Bhakti & Shakti.

Another important note: Please be informed that for all LA metro area for the services offered at your requested home/office/business. Please add 54 cents per mileage calculating the distance from the Temple to your requested destination.

Name of the service In the temple LA metro area
Shiva Parvati Kalyanam $201.00 $301.00
Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam $201.00 $301.00
Sri Rama Kalyanam $201.00 $301.00
Sri Rukmini Kalyanam $201.00 $301.00
Sri Subrahmanya Kalyanam $201.00 $301.00
Any other Kalyanam Contact temple Contact temple