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Samoohika Varalakshmi Vratham


Samoohika Varalakshmi Vratham

Aarati, Fallowed by traditional Dinner Prasad 8:30 PM

Sri Sivakameswari Temple cordially invites you all along with you families and friends to Sri Sivakameswari Abhishekam and Maha Lakshmi Abhishekam, along with “Samoohika Varalakshmi Puja and Abhishekam”. This will be followed by Aarati and Dinner Prasad. All participants in Samoohika Varalakshmi Puja must wear traditional Indian attire.

Note: The Temple will provide all puja items along with Maha Lakshmi “Pratima”. You must bring a few coins of change, one coconut, and some fruits and flowers. We hope to see you all there for this great festival of Varalakshmi Puja. May Goddess Sivakameswari bless you and your family with an abundance of peace, prosperity, wealth, and well-being. Thank you, Sivakameswari Temple Team

Q) What is Varalakshmi Vratam and why is important?

Varalakshmi Vratam is a festival to propitiate the Goddess Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. Varalakshmi is one who grants boons (“Vara”). It is typically celebrated on the Second Friday or the Friday before the day of the full moon (Poornima) in the month of Shraavana. Varalakshmi Vratam is performed by married women (Sumangali’s) for the well-being of their family members, especially the husband, to get progeny, etc… It is believed that worshipping the Goddess Varalakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshipping Ashtalakshmi – the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Wisdom, Love, Fame, Peace, Contentment, and Strength.

Program details

06:00 PM

Siva Kameswari & Lakshmi Abhishekam

07:00 PM

Varalakshmi Puja